Route progress bar inconsistent - Makuri

I’ve not been on Zwift much recently but I just hit a bug of some sort that may or may not be 1.34 related.

I joined Maria on Sprinters Playground in Makuri. After a couple of minutes my Sterzo disconnected (possible other thread). Maria sped off as I tried to resolve this issue but I just got back on to follow the route anyway.

The route progress bar was visible but was alternating between showing the route as complete or counting down - but in metres rather than kilometres. I’ve only seen the latter in the final approach to the end of a route, but this was with 4,000 or so metres to go. I’d then get near a junction and it would stop updating, showing 0% (complete) again. This repeated a few times and didn’t seem to be related to sprint segments. I was still on the correct route.

I have some screenshots taken at random points showing the behaviour which I can upload.

this has been going on for quite a while now, and not just Makuri. It seems related to pace partners and the drops multiplier bar, every time I ride with them the route progress bar has issues. I flagged this up with Flint a few months ago, so hopefully he made the devs aware.

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Cheers Mike. I’ll keep the screenshots handy in case they can add anything to the fault finding.