Wrong routes on update 1.33 - Maybe related to Makuri

Did the tiny races Zone 1, and in race 3 on the route Spirit Forest 90 % of the peloton was sent on the wrong route missing a left turn, doing what looked like flatland loop instead. After the finish line the route progress bar still wrote spirit forest.

Same problem appearently occured in the DBR Sufferday race 10:30 CET, where they were supposed to do Makuri 40, but ended on flatland loop reverse instead, so might be a problem only occuring in Makuri

Same here. Two events since the update, both supposed to use Country to Coastal, both went round Flatlands reverse. Much confusion followed. Consequently no results. Frustrating.

A few in both races seemed to go the right way. Theory: they were on the older software?

Hey all.

Firstly, apologies that this has happened in the first place.

But secondly to let you know that I’ve informed the relevant people that this is happening.

Can someone send me the event ID please? When this has happened in the past, it has been because the wrong pens were assigned and the wrong route was followed.

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Same issue as @Andrew_Johnson_C_CCC mentioned?

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Messaged you James

Today’s DBR SufferDay League race on Makuri 40 had this issue, as mentioned (3458437) and yesterday’s Friday Race on Country to Coastal (3455342).

I think I’ve seen the issue (which I can’t fix). I’ll get people on it as quickly as I can.


Thanks … is it limited to Makuri do you know?

Maybe we just avoid M

I don’t think it’s limited to Makuri.

It actually doesn’t appear to be what I orignally thought - I thought it was using the wrong start gates which doesn’t actually appear to be the case.

There’s evidently still a problem with people being sent wrong directions and I’ll still asked the team to investigate.


Think you are right. Have seen it on Legends and Lava before.

The DBR SufferDay Race (3458437) has already been mentioned. Lap counter was showing that of Makuri 40 (3 laps total), but we ended up doing approx. 9 laps of Flatland Loop Reverse.

Another “fun” thing is that it was not possible post race to make a manual turn from the gravel road and down to Urukazi. There was some real strange behavior trying to make that turn. Can be seen here (1:26:20 and during the next couple of mins) Zwift - DBR SufferDay VIII - 3 laps of Makuri 40 - YouTube

We know about Legends and Lava - Organisers can no longer select it because of the issue on that route.

These other routes have worked fine in the past but there doesn’t seem to be anything that I can do to resolve it so I’ve asked for it to be looked into.

Possibly same issue as reported by @Peter_Lyons_HotChill ?


We start VirtuSlo 4Endurance League 2023 tommorow…can you check if all is setup OK.
Route - Islands Hopper 3Laps

Do you reccomend i change the schedule and skip the Urukazi?

The set up for the above events was absolutely fine.

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Anyone impacted in either the Tiny Race or the DBR race - will you please email your log files for the event to james.bailey@zwift.com please?

Should be documents/zwift/logs

something i noticed yesterday was joining a robo partner on makuri 40 and when i got too far ahead and dropped the group the route was showing as over 80km left instead of the correct distance

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I wonder if those affected were riding with Pace Partners before joining a race…this has been mentioned before to be an issue.

It doesn’t appear to be pace partner related.