Route not marked as completed

Hi I’m new to Zwift and just found it weird that after completing Makuri 40 route today it’s not marked as completed and also not showing up in badge list as completed. Am I doing something wrong here? I stayed past the finished line a bit waiting for the usual “route completed” scene but it’s just not there. Even in Strava it shows that I’ve completed a full lap of Makuri 40.

Welcome to the forum Wibowo.

If you post a link to your activity on Zwift (not Strava), we can have a look. (it’ll need to be marked as public)

Cant put link in here, what to do?

If you are happy to give the forum your full Zwift game name they will find you easily.

Picture below is of your ride. It looks like you completed the full Makuri 40 route and the ride route profile matches the route.

You do not appear to have done the route before so I would have expected the route badge to be given.

Did by any chance you accidentally hit the U turn or a left or right turn and then immediately correct the mistake. If you did the badge is not credited.

Edit: If you did not make any accidental turns you might wish to reach out to Zwift Support.

If that’s where they finished, that wouldn’t be correct, the finish for Makuri 40 is further up that climb just past the start arch.

Arch to finish line is ~0.5km.

That Z shape just to the right of the orange dot is the actual finish line.

I’m not sure about that. I passed the finished line and stay a bit further - the route is 40.2km while my ride is 40.5km.

Anyway problem solved, I reached out to the support team and already has it completed both on the route and the badge list. Thanks everyone!

Okay, was gonna say, that’s definitely finished then; I believe route finishes just shy of 40.4km mark.

Not too uncommon to hear about not getting finished route badges, but certainly few and far between; glad support was able to get that sorted.