Complete a route feature

Cheers! Thanks for the pointer. Guess I’ll ride again… appreciate the help.

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I got this one the other day, you definitely need to go all the way through the sprint banner as @Gerrie_Delport points out. The achievement showed up a few seconds after passing under the arch, it wasn’t immediate.

Thanks! I’ve done a few and it does typically appear, which is what confused me. Thanks for the tips. Excited to ride it again. That forum showing the exact laps helps too.


This works. Did it today. U turn, go under the banner, I rode a few meters down the road, u turned under the banner back on course. 28km 550xp!


Wish I had known about this glitch earlier. I contacted the Zwift support to suggest they fix it. Should be easy programming to sort it out.

This feature is needed. I hope it would be implemented soon, with a progress bar or at least a layer on a map to trace the route we did


Glad you made this request.

I am the same - I like the idea of doing a circuit for my training, rather than a workout or event. But there is no confirmation after choosing a route.

Thereafter, everything is designed to confuse! Turning choices appear, segments come and go, results flash… Am I still on my route?

Last night I completed a circuit 1/2 mile early because I went under an archway and a timer started counting up. I assumed I had finished. What the counter signified goodness only knows!


PLEASE make this. It’s really unnerving to have selected a specific route, but not being able to see any indication of that selected route when actually riding. A distance to end of route metric would be SUPER helpful. Even just the name of the route I’m on would be helpful.


I went on Google to find exactly this information.

  1. Where I find out how far I have remaining on any course.

  2. To see which courses I have ridden before.

  3. To see if we get extra Experience for completing a new course.

I can’t believe these basic features are not on Zwift being such basic information. Please add Zwift!


Such a simple thing to have for newbies like myself.


+1 on this. I love riding routes but find it’s implementation a real challenge. So couple of related requests.

  1. When selecting a route make spawn points just BEFORE the start of the route. If I have an hour of riding time available and choose a suitable route I don’t want to find I have to ride 10K to the beginning!
  2. In app progress. If I selected the route, show where I am on it all the time, ie not just on the leader boards. Seeing how much progress am making is motivating!

I’m a new Zwift user too and have figured out many of the features EXCEPT the routes. I usually pick one and it seems to load but I’ve never seen any indication I’ve started or finished said route. I watch the mileage and elevation gain as specified in the route I picked and usually long-since pass both with no indication of a route being started or ended. So far this is the only part of Zwift I don’t like.

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My Zwift hack so I know the distance and routes I still need to do without having to log into a ride, see my badges, log out of the game, log back in, Hope the heck I remember which route to choose, select it and ride. Who thought this was a good idea? Agreed that the route feature is great but the implementation and lack of cues to where you are at on the route is frustrating. image

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All credit goes to Steven Vacher

Google doc Route badge.


It would be awesome if one could select a route from the Route Achievement Badges page. Find a route not yet ridden, click the badge, and Zwift directs your avatar to and around the route… Without having to exit and re-start Zwift.

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That will be nice.

Sounds like a good one!

I think this feature is already there - yesterday (12/28) from the badges screen I clicked on the Watopia Flat Route, then closed the badges window and on the main screen the Watopia Flat Route was selected. I clicked Ride and rode until I got the pop up banner “Badge earned!” I’ll need to try again to see if it was just coincidence or not. If you try this out please reply here to let us know your results.

haha still no upgrade?
this is not a feature this a bug. i made my own workaround with a excel sheet in order to not ride the same route again and again. man just so frustrating …

How did you get from the badge screen to the main menu? You have to enter the game (click ride) before you can see the badge screen. Only way to get back is to end ride?