Route ETA & Finish Line?

Would love to see both a Route ETA & Finish Line or indicator similar to Workout Segments and end features.

This may exist and I just haven’t found it, but I currently have to write down the expected Route length and exceed that to know I’ve actually completed it… seems pretty basic as every dumb trainer or app has both an eta and end of ride notification.


A very big thumbs up to this request!!!

I’ve just finished my trial version and this was the same thing I was looking for.

While riding the first route I was completely lost because there was no notification in regards to km/miles to finish line or ETA. Also, I didn’t know when did I finish the route.

Otherwise, Zwift has given me that extra motivation for the winter season and I found it really beneficial for indoor training.


ETA and finish line indicators are a must have for sure

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