Zwift "forgets" what route I'm on, and then I don't complete it?

Hi all,

This issue has happened in 2 of my last 5 rides or so. I start by selecting a “Just ride”, I select a route and start riding. In today’s example (ride 686268005108917328), it was Tempus Fugit. I follow it around for 40 minutes or so, complete the loops at either end, then when I came back round past where it started, nothing happened. At no point did I see a set of times for the route (my own or the leaderboard).

If I look at my route log from that race I did the circuit at least 1.5 times. I didn’t do any manual turns or anything like that.

This is really disheartening, as you set out to set a time and then try to beat it, so the fact it’s just lost somewhere makes the 40 minutes of effort feel kind of wasted. Can you check this out and address it?

There is only a few routes (I think one per world) that give you a lap time. All other routes will start and end end at a banner, but no timer. That is normal.

not all routes start exactly where you come onto the route… lookup the route you intend to go on to find its start and stop points… also if you don’t select a particular route you will not get an achievement … its annoying but that is how this is setup to work … if you looking for badges … you need to select it… also make sure you use metric and a TT bike for the most workout and exp gains :wink:


Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:

I definitely selected the route. My routing was going up and down that course 1.5 times, so I definitely should have finished it. I am not 100% sure I saw a start banner, I definitely didn’t see an end banner.

This has happened to me a few times. I definitely select the route. I definitely don’t turn off. And then Zwift doesn’t think I’m on the route.

It’s not helped that it doesn’t tell you what route you’re on with a timer, all the time, and doesn’t show the route you’re on on the map. These seem like very basic oversights on what should be a simple UI for a core function.

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ah … i must have missed your second part… I saw just ride and failed to read the second part of selecting the route … my bad … not all routes have the nice blue progress bar or even a timer if you are selecting the route just be sure to watchout for the dreaded BIG BLUE BAR of lead in … as some routes have seriously LONG ones and when I was route badge hunting that got me more than once when time for me to go was tight not all will have those banners either and might just be out there …

i ridden all the NY routes and got that area cleared it would be nice if they all ended on a sprint or other piece but that just not how some of them work…
Zwift insider is a great reference for new zwift initiates …