Tempus fugit no badge

I rode 15 miles on the tempus fugit route and didn’t complete it or get the badge. Surely I must have done the whole route??

Any ideas anyone?

Did you do any manual turns during the ride?

No I didn’t.

Hi @Janet_Innes, welcome to the forums. I looked at your ride on the companion app and looks like you should’ve received the badge. A few possibilities:

  1. you are or have recently logged into multiple devices on Zwift without the correct corresponding log out/save and exit
  2. you didn’t choose the route from the main menu screen (but that isn’t likely since you didn’t make any manual turns)
  3. you already have the badge from a previous ride

Hi thanks. The only thing I wondered is I accidentally came out of zwift then resumed my ride about a minute later. Unless zwift won’t let you do that and still complete a route?

that must have been it, I see that your power dropped for a minute and wondered what happened.

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Oh that’s a pain! Thanks for your help.