How to unlock Tick Tock Achievement after finishing the route

Day 7 Zwifter here so am still figuring some things

-I would like to unlock the Tick Tock route achievement

-The route is 16.9 km and i did a 17.5 km saved ride yesterday under “EJ-E ZWIF”.
After hitting the 17 km mark, i expected to see the achievement unlocked but this did not happen. So i cycled on further until the 17.5 km but the achievement remains locked.

Seek the community’s kind advise about what i am not doing right here.
Thank you.

I think 16.9 km is one lap without the lead-in. With the lead-in I believe it’s 19 km and it ends at where I put in the arrow. You’re just a bit short. Ride on again!

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@ric please give him not such hints. He rode the route twice and didn‘t get the achievement. I‘m rode yesterday the bigger loop and get the banner that I now unlocked the badge and didn‘t get it until now. My shoes which I unlocked in the same ride for leveling up to 27 aren‘t in my garage and my workout which I did also in the same ride is not showing in my training plan progress. It seems to be a problem by Zwift and it won‘t helped to do the ride again…

Let me test that out today, strangely on my map it is showing 16.7km.
Could you share how u manage to get the distance with the “lead-in”?

What is the “lead-in”?

Maybe update your Zwift-App?

The lead-in is the distance from your spawn-point to the start of the route (usually some sort of arch)

I looked, it appears to be platform difference. The first pic above is from the Windows version and on Android it’s indeed 16.9. The lead-in is the blue line that leads into the lap. If you look at the animation it has a blue route then turns white for the loop. You need to ride the loop not counting the blue lead-in.


Great thank you for the info.

i did 19.xx and unlocked the badge and got the socks that come with level 7 too.
Question answered, thank you

Glad to be of help. Ride On! :ride_on:

I just did 20.3 and didn’t get it. Went past the supposed finish point.

Lachlan, you already unlocked that badge (11.12.2020).

Yes I did. Oops… I guess it would be nice then if one selects a route to ride and then completes it again that some acknowledgement comes up
like the first time that it has been completed. A bit like a workout???