How do I complete a route

What is the total lenght? Must be 5km more then listed on zwift insider.

It is 44.1 km. It is mentioned in the Zwift Insider route description:
“The animated map in the Zwift route picker shows this route ending at the base of the Fox/Leith Hill climbs. But when this route is used for official events or achievement badges, the finish line is the KOM banner at the top of Fox Hill–a very different location!”
Free Ride: 41 km (elevation 881 m); Event/Badge: 44.1 km (elevation 1029 m).

I did even finish the decent for a total of 47.2 km. Still no badge. I contacted support, let’s see if they can figure it out.

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I find it infuriating that there is no intuitive way to know where a route starts and finishes. For instance I rode the Sand and sequoias Today. I rode from the spawn point to 22km and did a U turn back until I reached 45km but never saw a route completion banner anywhere. I regularly ride past the ride distance but yet to see a completion banner for any route I’ve done. And yes to do select them from the route section in watopia


The finishing point for Sand and Sequoias is the Tempus Fugit Sprint banner. On most routes there is a ride in distance, some are longer than others.

This link could be helpful to you:

Same problem here today. Felt good on a watopia route and kept riding so it didn’t show up on my badges/completed rides. I think the trick is to stop soon as you cross the line. That’s what I’ve done in the past and had no problems. I’m going to try it tomorrow to be sure :+1:t4:

Hi Lewis welcome to the forum.

Are you regering to the ride you did 3 hours ago? You got the badge for that route (mountain route) 6 days ago.

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You shouldn’t need to do a U-turn, in fact, doing a manual turn (or u-turn) during a chosen route will take you off the route and you will not get the achievement badge.

I rode well past the route distance before I did the U Turn. I only mentioned the U Turn as I looked for the finish banner on my way back incase I’d missed it

I think you ended/u-turned a bit too early, the start of the route is the sprint banner (rock arch) on fuego flats not where you spawn near the race pens.

Thanks for the quick reply! I had not realised I had done it. I am kind of new on Zwift so I am still learning.

Thanks again,


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I had this happen this morning… checking the map ( the spawn location is a good 3 miles before the official route start. I rode an extra couple miles waiting for something to happen and looks like I gave up literally 0.1 miles from the official completion point. :roll_eyes:

It would be great of the UI told you when you were officially on the route and the distance remaining.


But thank goodness there’s a giant XP progress bar that adds one column of pixels every mile. I’d be lost without that!

Let’s hope that big UI update is coming soon.

This morning i rode Muir and the mountain, it says 34,1 km and 792 m elevation. I rode on untill 40.2 km and 915 m elevation. It did not say that i completed the route and is is not checked off in the route achievement page…
I would likt to know what i should do to finish the routes…
When i rode in London i passed the finishline and it sayd to me that i completed the route

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Did you ride all the way to the top of the Reverse KOM at the end? This route has a lead-in and doesn’t start until the first time crossing the KOM, and then ends the second time you cross it.

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Yes, i rode it untill i passed the KOM…

Hmmm. Very odd. The only other suggestions I have would be that either you already had this badge or that you ‘free rode’ the route, as opposed to selecting it from the menu. If neither of those are the case I hope someone else has some other possible reasons.


This afternoon i rode a short route in NYC, and when finished i passed a banner! It’s also checked in the achievement page.

I think the routes need a good reworking.
I know I’ve completed many of the routes since introducing the badges a few months ago, but because of variable spawn points I’m sure I’ve been in front of the start point.


  1. always spawn before the ‘start’ point.
  2. have a route progress bar that is able to be hidden during the ride
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I’ve done 60 of the routes and I have 60 route completion badges. On Windows, at least, the route badges seem to be working fine.

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