New route Legends and Lava

Hi I selected this new route today and was surprised that on starting on the map as I pedalled off from the side of the road it u-turned me very quickly. I continued and it took me through the desert flats and onto titans grove where leaving there it took me back onto desert flats. All the time the distance meter was counting down but I only got about 186m of climbing before it counted down to zero miles and that’s it, no finish banner etc because something went wrong.
I’ve done every route bar the new 2 on Zwift so I’m use to the process. Anyone else today? I’m on Apple TV and iPad on latest iOS and latest Zwift etc.

Sounds like some quirky game behaviour. I’ve read a few accounts here in the last couple of months of people’s avatars being u-turned immediately after starting a route, but many have mentioned having selected the u-turn button towards the end of their previous ride and that that action hadn’t taken place before the ride ended. Is that possible in your case?
I bet that next time you try it, all will work as intended.

For what it’s worth, I selected that route yesterday about an hour after the update cleared in the App store and got the badge at the volcano summit arch.
Zwift running on iPad Pro. I have also got all other route badges (apart from the other one released yesterday).

That was my first ride today and the very first since I updated the zwift app.
I’m a chunky rider so I don’t like climbing for no reward :rofl:.
Will do both this weekend so I can get ready for the festive 500 🚴‍♂️

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Did both new routes this morning. As I was grabbing my Apple TV remote to end my climbers gambit ride it did a ‘u’ turn! So one button on my remote since whatever updates by apple or zwift seems to be doing this. Haven’t had time to reproduce this again as I wanted to get the Legends and lava route started. But that’s what I’m thinking that it’s the remote control?
Not even that old or used much other to start and stop my rides. If I can get a bit of time to test that theory out and it’s true I will log it.

You’re not alone: U-turn on AppleTV


Sorry to hear it, @undercover_Rider_Wil. (I’m also not a fan of climbing for no reward!)
Sounds like you might have unwittingly uncovered a new ATV Remote bug, like someone else who has posted this morning. Check out: U-turn bug with ATV remote

Since Zwift seem to have released a number of ‘under the hood’ updates with the latest game version, perhaps the code for the ATV remote has been altered without being announced.


Thanks for the update and yes that’s exactly what’s going on with the ATV remote

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Completed the stage 5 standard route … legends and lava, received the tour completed email but no route badge. Is this a known issue ?

Hi @Dwayne_1234_Marshall
That route got given freeride-able and badge-winning status in mid-December 2021. Is it possible that you’ve ridden it before and already got the badge?

Yes I have rode before but no badge

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Just completed the TOW Legends and Lava, and no badge either.

Same here, rode the route as part of the tour of watopia, but no badge received…

Same here… finished ToW stage 5: legends & lava, no badge.