Route Achievement not awarded

Software developer here and software user here.

Say what you want, but this is a bug. The user interface is unclear if you’re expected to go 26km on a route listed as 19km.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select Serpentine 8 and note route is listed as 19km.
  2. Ride route ~ 20km knowing spawn point varies.
  3. Note lack of getting completion banner and award badge.

Expected behavior:

  • Get banner and badge after ~ 20km (similar to other badges; I have half of them completed, so this is normal behavior) OR
  • User interface update to let you know when you’ve officially started the route OR
  • Route distance updated to match actual distance you have to ride to get completion banner and badge.


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(I did this route twice and was like WTH… where’s my badge…)


Hi @James_Bright_ITC, welcome to the forums.

You might think this is a bug, but it is called a lead in. The Serpentine 8 route STARTS at the banner by the waterfall, not where you spawn near the top of the jungle.

Think of it like a local strava segment that starts 3 miles from your house. You have to ride to the beginning of the segment in order to complete it. is a great resource for all the routes on Zwift, they include the info on the lead ins. In the game when you choose a route there is a blue line that represents the lead in and the white line is the actual route.


I’d just like to add my data point here. I believe there is something a bit broken with the route.

It took me three attempts to get this badge. I believe that each time I did the same thing, selected the route and rode ~30K which is longer than the lead in plus route distance. But only on the third attempt did I finally get the badge.

  • Not aware that I’ve ever used manual turns
  • Not logged in on more than one device (except phone for companion app)
  • Didn’t turn any corners I don’t believe.

23rd, 24th, and 31st were the activities which should be visible. Looking at the replay it seems like I turned around at different points on the first two attempts, but this wasn’t deliberate. Hopefully this helps anyone looking at the issue.

(If it’s somehow user error, sorry.)

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Hi @Tim_Street_ZTR_D, welcome to the forums. Your account is private so we cant see any activities.

I got this badge on the first attempt, did you go under the banner near the waterfall 3 times?

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I still think it’s a design issue that the interface doesn’t just tell you how far you have to go and what route you are on. It tells you distance to go in time trials, for example. It’s just not clear. You get used to it in the end. So not technically a bug (since it’s working as designed), but couldn’t the design be better?

For completeness, just to mention that you can apparently also fail to get badges sometimes if you have Zwift running on a second device at the time of your ride. I have it on a PC that’s not in a suitable place for riding, as well as on a tablet, and have to remember to shut it down on the PC if I’ve been using that to plan routes or whatever. However, there’s no reason to think that that is the cause here.

Twice ive done it
Twice gone over distance.
And once rode for 70 mins and 90 mins
Still nothing?

Your account is private, so we can’t look at your rides to check.

Did you go through the banner at the bottom of the jungle 3 times?

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Changed to public

What banners?

Having read more comments… I get the idea. But for me I need a visual of the Guesstimated start and the banner you speak of :+1:t2:

For Serpentine 8? It doesn’t look like a banner, but there’s an archway near to where the Jungle Circuit lap counter is (normally reads zero unless you’re doing loops there), near the caves and waterfall. You’ll get a powerup every time you go through it.

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Aah so when on Serpentine 8. I get a power up. Thats the end of the spawn / lead in part yes ? … I need to go through that 3 times ?

Yep, you’ve got it.

You go through it once to start the route, then a second time in reverse (as part of the route) then the third time is the end of the route and start of a second lap.

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Just watched a video of it … YouTube
Its about 7 k in… now I know… I’ll ease off next time

Thanks for your help

Have a great day …

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