Route Badges and Meetups?

Do you definitely get a route badge if you select the route in a Meetup? I’ve scheduled a Meetup that starts in about an hour to conquer Four Horsemen, mainly because I want the badge. Does it matter if you Keep Everyone Together?

Yes you still get badges in a meetup, I got dust in the wind the other day while in a meetup with keep everyone together enabled.


Thanks @Mike_Rowe_PBR!!!

Well, it depends on how lucky you feel on the day. I have just completed a meetup where we did Big Foot Hills, yet, I did not get the route badge. But, I stopped just as I past the finish banner of the meetup.


If this is the case then I think it is a SERIOUS flaw in the system. Imagine you did Uber Pretzel in a meetup and you fell off you bike before you completed that final 500m of the lead-in like I just did with Big Foot Hills!

The best advice is to study the route beforehand, make sure what the lead-in is and ride until you see the route completed banner.

The route badge is for completing routes. It has nothing to do with meetups specifically. So if your meetup was for a fixed distance then that distance needs to include the lead-in and a complete lap, or you at least keep riding until you get there.

So the finish banner for a meetup is irrelevant. It’s the start/finish banner of the route that you need to pass twice to receive the route badge.

There are issues with meetups and route badges. Just read the forum posts on this.

If I arrange a meetup and select a route, not a time, I expect to have completed the route when I have completed the meetup. Therefore, the start and finish of the route should coincide with that of the meetup. I don’t think this is an unreasonable expectation. Especially when you consider that when you select distance as the goal, you can’t specify the distance, i.e. it is tied to the route. Yet, complete the meetup and sometimes you HAVE completed the route and sometimes you have not.

But you can change the distance. Just press on the distance figure that it suggests and change it.

Gerhard has a valid complaint and it is the inconsistency, which is not just annoying, but demonstrates a lack of quality control and discipline within Zwift programming. It is a shame (on Zwift) that we have to rely on third party information and learning through failure to find these inconsistencies.
Zwift is an amazing platform and I hope Eric and the team start to focus a little more on the missing detail and user requests now that the extra demands from Covid 19 are starting to settle.