Just finished my 25 laps of volcano (and 100km) but the badges aren't showing up

I decided to give the volcano circuit and metric century badges a try last night and completed all of them in a single ride. Unfortunately, despite the badges appearing during the ride, none of them have actually be awarded on my profile. For reference the ride started as a user-created event with a friend and they left about 40km in. I was on the TT bike although I doubt that should have an effect on it? The ride still appears on my profile with all of the badges completed but they do not appear when I look at my badges page.

Did the ride save correctly? Any issues with network drops, all riders disappear, etc.?

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I didn’t notice a network drop and haven’t had one happen on any of my other rides. I’m not sure how long the other riders would be gone for, I definitely looked down at my phone quite a bit so its certainly possible. Would that cause me to lose badges?

The ride saved correctly and shows up in my feed and on Strava without any issues.

Had a similar issue with the Everest goal. Support suggested it was an issue with the AppleTV app I was using not upgrading properly. Rebooted the device and all was good- but wasted almost 3k’s vertical ascent in the meantime. :slight_smile: ie, Try rebooting your device

Just a little bump to let “anyone who’s listening” know, a very similar thing happened to me yesterday, although it wasn’t a user created event.
I had a dropout half way round the 25th - and last - lap.
The ride was saved, but it only registered at 99km’s on the companion app, and i wasn’t credited for the full 25 laps. I have a photo to prove i completed the challenge, plus the 100km ride.
To say i’m annoyed is a bit of an understatement. But the truth is i’ve been having regular dropouts since the latest update. Didn’t have any before then.
No way in ■■■■ do i want to do another 25 laps of that “sh*tfest”. So if anyone can help i’d be eternally grateful.

That sucks! I don’t know for sure if they can help, but I would email all that to support@zwift and wait patiently for a response. They might be able to get you the achievement badges, but generally they say they can’t credit anything and definitely can’t credit you the last km.

The closest I’ve gotten is 17 laps before calling it quits.

The closest I’ve gotten is 17 laps before calling it quits.

Nooooo!!! Just eight more laps and you’d have had it… most likely. I did it some time ago–endurance pace ride of about 3.5 hrs. However, I did the 5 and 10 laps on one ride, and then the 25 laps on another, so I certainly didn’t maximize efficiency :neutral_face:

I’ve done centuries IRL, but at this point I still can’t honestly imagine finishing the Uber Pretzel or PRL Full on the trainer :grimacing:

@Graeme_Armstrong1 Sorry to hear about that. I think the official word is that they can’t award badges after the fact–can’t, not won’t, although I hope the best for you.