Bagdes, no badge

I have completed VOLCANO CIRCUIT 7 days in a row, from 4th of july until yesterday. I even rode 3 or 4 rounds to be sure to get the badge. Some days I also rode other routes the same day. I did not get the badge for ride the same lap 7 days in a row. I am planning on getting the badge for 14 days in a row, but before I try to do that i would like to know whats wrong.

For whatever reason, usually the “7/14 day in a row” badges unlock the next time you enter the game (rather than unlocking after doing the necessary distance/ride on the 7th/14th day).

If you hop on now I’d expect the achievement will pop up as completed as you enter one of the worlds.

Thanks, Colin :slight_smile:

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Also, you don’t have to ride the same lap each time, or even a whole lap of anything (despite the implication in the description of the badge), just as long as you do at least 5km each day.