"Addicted" Achievement not showing up

I have been riding regularly and and decided to try for the “Addicted” badge, which is riding 7 days in a row. I completed a route each day to make sure that I got a “lap” in and spent at least 30 mins riding each time. I know the badge only shows up the next time you ride after the 7 days is complete so I took yesterday off and rode again today and no badge! It was a lot of work and time to complete this and needless to say I was not happy when it didn’t show up. Is there anything I can do about this? What specifically needs to be done so that a ride counts for the 7 days in a row? Thanks.

could be the time cutoff of when your rides were?


According to Zwift support, the 24-hour window in which you must do each day’s activity is based on your local time . So if you ride at 6 am one day, then 10 pm the next day – those should count as two activities on consecutive days. (See Dave’s ride above on Sunday March 29th at 9:26 am and the next ride 33 hours later on Monday at 18:45 as proof.)