How do I not have the addicted badge yet?

According to the zwift insider, only 5km of a ride needs to be done. I have completed the same ride over 10 consecutive days and still don’t have the badge. You can see all the screens for them right here. (10 rides) It’s the “Volcano Flat” route-- finished it each time. I have a 6th screen shot that shows the 29th and today, but I am only allowed 5 pictures.

Have you missed a screen shot as they are from 20th to 28th…9 days??

Yeah, I have a 6th screenshot through today, but addicted is 7 “laps”, work from home is 14

Sorry, gotcha.

Possibly you had a data error during one of the rides which would mean Zwift systems wouldn’t have counted it. I’d drop a note to Zwift support team and they’re very likely to give you the badge with that evidence. You’ll have to go through a bunch of auto-questions before you get to email them (and make sure you attach your screen shots).