Working from Home Badges

I have been working towards the 3 working from home badges (habitual, addicted & working from home) I am on day 12 with plans to keep cycling but wondering why i havent received the habitual or addicted badge. I ride everyday, smallest day was 26km, what am i missing to get these badges?

Hi @Jade_Washer welcome to Zwift forums.
Your case is interesting. Let me look into your case a bit, and one of us will respond back.

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Heya @Jade_Washer

Please check your Badge page again. You should see the Working From Home spot filled now - would you confirm?

We verified that you’ve done the work over the last 10 days or more, so you definitely earned that. We’re still investigating why the badge didn’t show up, but wanted to get it to you without delay.

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Thank you so much, I wasn’t sure the best way to figure this out hence trying the forums. I assume you can see all my ride stats but I have included a picture from my zwift companion. I did multiple short routes yesterday - however I ensured one was still over 10kms. The other 10 days of rides are all 27kms or further and most have been me achieving new route badges.

Thank you for your help,

Kind Regards,

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Yes - HQ staff like me can see the activity history in detail on the server.

Your list of achievement badges are visible in the game client, but not in the Companion app. Next time you log in to the game - please check the Badge page shown above and you ought to see it right in the top row.

I just checked and the working from home badge has now appeared but still no habitual or addicted badges? Which i would of accomplished along the way over the last 2 weeks? Thank you for your help so far and let me know what i need to do for these other two badges.

Done! Please check again.

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Thank you so much, all 3 badges are now there (:

@shooj - I am also working towards the “Working from home” badge. I believe that I’m at 15 day (and probably16 if a race counts), but the badge hasn’t shown up. Thanks. (Brian Rodenbeck)

@shooj - Yeah, I’m the same as Brian. Done 15 days in a row, and the "Working from home"badge hasn’t popped. I had done the 3 and 7 day badges previously. Thanks.

Same here. Except I’ve done 18 days in a row of 10k or more and still no WFH badge. Thanks.

@Brian_Rodenbeck @Boom_Shakalaka @Doug_Bassett
We’re working on the fix for these badge crediting issues.

In the meantime - please contact Community Support and we can credit your account manually with your missing achievement badges.

  • Visit and start a chat session
  • Select Accounts because this is an account issue
  • Type in “credit missing achievement badges” as the reason
  • Click through until you can email us your request and let us know it’s for the missing Habitual / Addicted / Working from Home badges

Seems to still be an issue. After day 8 of 10+km I had to chat with support to get Addicted credited and yesterday was day 15 in a row and still no Working from Home badge. Sent an email as you suggested. These seem to be the only badges with consistent problems so hopefully a fix will be found. At least it can be manually credited so all my work isn’t in vain - but automatic would be nice.