Be aware of your timezone when going for Addicted, work from home badges!

Today was my 8th day in a row of cycling on Zwift so should have got my addicted badge. I didn’t. I normally ride very early, 3:45 am. On Thursday of last week my dogs woke me up at midnight so I just got up and rode at 1:15 am. It turns out Zwift registered this as 11:15 pm the previous day. Therefore I have a gap on Thursday so never got the badge and lost 4 days of progress. I contacted their support and they said its based on PST (I’m CST). So, just a warning :slight_smile: If you are crazy like me and ride early hours consider the day starts at midnight PST and NOT your local time zone which is what I had read. I contacted support and they said “you ride crazy hours and basically tough, nothing we can do”.

Just wanted to ensure people knew :smiley: