When does the day on Zwift start?

I read somewhere that this is at 8 pm Los Angeles time but I can’t remember where it was.

Anyway, on Friday I am going in for a knee surgery and it is my 14th day in a row that I will be cycling if I can fit it in. Obviously going for the “unemployed” badge :roll_eyes: but I have to ride at 6 am to be in hospital at the right time for my op. Will this count towards the badge?

Two weeks no Zwift after that… I’m dreading it!


I could be wrong but my understanding is the zwift time is for course change over (Guest Wolrds and that is at 8pm Los Angeles time). But for badges I believe it is based on your time zone.

That’s it! I saw the 8pm comment on the guest world schedule!

Unemployed badge here I come! And my knee will be nicely inflamed for my surgeon to see exactly where it bloody hurts!!! :smile::smile: