Unemployed Badge - Need to ride for 22 days!

So I contacted zwift support as the unemployed badge should be given for riding at least 10km every day for 14 days. 14 days up, no badge. Zwift support, you have no ride for the 8th November. However, they are basing this on US time zones. As I rode one ride on the afternoon of the 8th UK time and one ride early on Sunday morning 9th Nov, this has recorded 2 rides being completed on the 9th, Zwift support answer, “to get the badge you’ll have to continue till you’ve ridden 22 days in a row!”

So no matter where you live in the world, your rides have to be compliant with US timezones to get the badge! Zwift is nuts.

Or just ride on the same time every day.
say, early evening or morning.

But you can just complete the m@sochist badge instead :smiley:

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I’m sorry for any confusion the agent you spoke with may have introduced into this situation, but the issue is related to a delay in the unlock system. It may take up to 22 days for the badge to unlock for some people, for reasons our dev team is looking into, but you still only need to ride for the 14 days.

Got the ■■■■■■■■■!

Thanks, the issue the agent said was that I hadn’t ridden on the 8th. But your system had 2 rides showing on the 9th. This was due to one ride being pm UK time on the 9th and one being am on the 10th. Your system had both these on the 9th. I know it’s complicated… I’m going to carry on till Thursday.

That makes no sense, does it?

I think it has always been somewhat screwy though. I got 7 days and 14 days on the same day, and I definitely hadn’t ridden 7 days in a row, let alone 14.

In fact, I’d only Zwifted 10 days in the previous 21.

You rode 25 times up the Alpe?
Wow, respect! :vulcan_salute:

I think, I’ll never geht that badge :smiley:


Ah, well that might explain why I got 7-days and 14-days at the same time, and without having ridden for 14 days. Although that was November 2015 so it’s a very long-standing bug! :smiley:

(Although I still don’t think I’ve ever ridden Zwift 14 days in a row, despite having the badge. Not according to Strava anyway, but I guess there might be rides I’ve deleted or didn’t upload there.)

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It’s crazy, the data they gave me was all us timezone based… So won’t align with the territory you live in. So if you do a late ride and follow up with an early ride the next day it may put 2 rides on the same day in the US. Crazy.

The entire planet revolves around the USA, get used to it! :rofl::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok, kidding aside, Zwift is in the Pacific time zone and I live in the Eastern time zone (3 hour ahead of them), so if I ride at 11 pm one day, and then start a new ride at 12:01 am (technically the next day) will Zwift put them both on the same day? Pacific time zone would be 8 pm and 9:01 pm on the same day.

Interesting observation.

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It’s definitely somewhat awry. Obviously any rider in another timezone is going to determine “the next day” according to their own local time. Local time is best, but failing that UTC is second choice if everyone has to have the “same day” I would say.

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No idea! I did a ride on the 9th at 3pm UK time and the 10th was like 8am. Both populating on the 10th on their system. I’m just going to keep on riding till they give it me. Probably about 30 years from now!

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I think anything that’s day / time related are all US Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) based, including changing worlds, and starting of missions. Could be why so many people are missing time from the Movember mission since the mission has not yet started at Zwift HQ.

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Had a similar discussion with their support as well. Did quite some planning to have 14 rides/days with Zwift. The one day I rode before work, or during an extended lunch break, or in the evening.
Because of an evening ride, followed by an early morning ride, this was listed in their system (not my overview) as 2 rides in one (1) day.
When I raised this issue, which is just a bug because they only use the US-time zone, their answer was…“just ride 7 more days to unlock the badge”.
Made me quite…unhappy.

Yup, I got that response too. On another note got the badge today… So rode every day for 22 days to get the ride for 14 days badge! Got a free month though for raising it to Zwift… So not all bad. Can have a day off tomorrow!

I use Apple OS rubitrack to monitor all my activities
Similar problem here , although Zwift and Strava show my actual UK time, after I export/import’/sync the workouts into Rubitrck, I get rides logged at the “virtual location” of the ride, ie USA Eastern Time for the NewYork environment.
If I have also recorded the workout by alternative means, ie on my Garmin or Apple Watch, I get “duplicate” workouts at different time.

Has anyone from Zwift confirmed that the Unemployed achievement is based on US Pacific time? I’ve been riding every morning (AUS time) for the past 15 days except one day last week where I rode in the afternoon. Still waiting for that achievement to be unlocked…

How far have you been riding?

Typically 20-30 km each day. The shortest one was 12 km (Yorkshire, Tour of Tewit Well)

Just checking, the official word is 10k per day for riding, running is a little more complicated.