Unemployed badge and running

Do runs count towards 14 day badge?

Normally I don’t care much about badges but I just noticed I’ve done 10 days in a row but 4 of those days are runs only.

My workouts usually include a few swim days a week so it’s not normal for me to be on zwift this often. With Corona becoming more common in my community I figure what’s the ■■■■ stay in and grab some badges.


I confirmed with our Game team that you can mix run and ride events over 14 days to earn the Unemployed badge. Either way, you need to do a minimum of 10km per session.

The Unemployed badge is a tough one to earn, and you want to make sure each session uploads to the server without any problems. After you save & upload the activity, we advise you force-close the app to doubly make sure the app terminates completely.

If you want to be triple-certain that the app works cleanly - consider rebooting your computer / device before each session to minimize problems with app stability.

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Cool, Cool.

So really I’m 7 days in as 2 of my runs were under 10k.

Thank you

Two things:

  1. When you do unlock the badge, it won’t pop up until your next login. I saved and closed Zwift after my 14th day activity and reopened it to see the badge being awarded. Some people have said it takes until the next day.
  2. I did a 7km run in 33 minutes and that counted as one of the days. However, a 4km run in 22 minutes did not. So I’m not sure if it is time or distance based but the line is somewhere between those two runs.

Thanks for the response. I’ll play it safe and stick with a 10k minimum for now.


So I did get it with less than 10k needed per workout. I did a 4.50 mile run on the 6th and a 5.25 mile run on the 5th.

Both run we’re about 43 minutes and both appear to have counted.

Thanks for the help guys.


Congrats on completing the Unemployed achievement @Ian_Kessinger . Let’s see a screenshot of that badge!


That’s a bit harsh for runners. 10km running is a lot harder and longer than 10km on a bike.

@Dawn_Courage my guess is because that badge has existed since the time Zwift was a cycling only platform. The description does say “rode a lap for 14 days in a row”