14 day 'unemployed' badge and XP's

Hi all,

I just got the badge of riding a lap 14 days in a row - the ‘unemployed’ badge. I seem to have walked away with zero bonus XP points after finishing my ride and the notification came up at the start.

Can someone please confirm if this badge is just a badge with no bonus XP’s attached to it, or has something gone a-miss on my profile and I should be getting some sweet XP’s coming my way?

Hi Paul, I have been looking at this badge for a while but as Zwift routes have grown I am unclear what now constitutes a lap.
Could you clarify what “ a lap” is , or is the badge awarded for riding for 14 consecutive days?

Hi Shaun, my understanding is a ‘lap’ is a minimum of 10 km in a single ride and does not mean you must complete a route in full (I.e. from banner to banner).

With that in mind, to get the badge you would need to ride at least 10 km per day in a ride for 14 consecutive days. There are a few old posts on what a lap is but I have not found any on the value of the 14 day badge.

Hope this helps.

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On a couple of days after long outdoor rides I just did a lap of the Volcano (4 km or so) and those counted as well for the badge.

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My XP went up by 50 after I got this one.