Unemployed Badge

Anybody know what constitutes a lap in order to count towards the 14 days in a row badge? I’ve just done my 14th day with the minimum I’ve ridden on any day it’s 20 miles so surely that counts? I’ve not been awarded the badge. I’ve submitted a ticket but time is of the essence to get an answer before I have a day off!

I just got this a couple of days ago.  During the 14 days, I had a mix of groups rides, group workouts, and solo rides.  On day 14, I did two rides, and the badge was awarded when I began the second of those rides.  You may find that you’ll get the badge when you start your next ride.

Good luck and ride on!

Fingers crossed then. I’ll find out soon as Day 15 calls.

You were right, awarded it when I logged in for the 15th day

I want a “Retired” badge. On my jersey.   :slight_smile: