Question about badges

I am pursuing the unemployed badge (14 consecutive days) . I have just noticed it actually says complete a lap 14 days on the trot .
Is it literally " complete a lap 14 days on the trot " or just ride 14 days on the trot ?

Hi Robert,

I don’t recall it being a lap, but there is a minimum distance you have to ride.

I wonder if @Paul_Allen can remember.

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I thought it was about 10km, but I am not 100% sure on it.

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we had some discussion here, Unemployed badge condition of 'A Lap'

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Thanks Gerrie , but still no definite answer . A bit discouraging really .

I am working on getting a definite answer, i’ll let you know.


I think is shorter, imo 5km.
For me counted when i did one lap of volcano circuit for few days from this 14. But maybe in this case was counted as a lap :slight_smile:

When I unlocked it the only routes were the short hilly loop in watopia, the flat seaworld loop in watopia or the Richmond Worlds loop.

Back then, I did a loop each day.

I’d suggest to be sure, complete a loop each day.

Official(ish) words is 10km in a single ride per day.