What is criteria for Addicted and Unemployed?

Please CLEARLY state criteria for addicted and unemployed badges. What is a lap? Other forum messages suggest 10 km minimum ride, others 5 km and then also min 30 minutes. I’ve completed more than 7 rides without earning the earning the addicted badge starting on Nov 22

Hi, there is some good info on Zwift Insider re completing badges:

Good luck.


Thanks, I saw that but it wasn’t clear. I’ve been down the halls of the internet on this one

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Have you logged in today? The 28th (yesterday) would have been your 7th day, and you won’t be awarded the badge until the next time you log in to the app.

Also, from what I can tell the requirements are as follows:

Ride or run 5km in a single activity (which it appears you have done, though on a couple of the days you did an activity that was shorter than this, in addition to a longer one).

Habitual: 3 days in a row
Addicted : 7 days in a row
Working from Home (formerly Unemployed): 14 days in a row

I think that’s it. No ‘lap’ is required, just rides of the minimum distance for the specified number of consecutive days.

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I have and didn’t see the award. It may take time but I’ve found the information inconsistent

Quick update: finally saw the badge this morning. I did contact Zwift who pointed me to the links above and said,
“ While our website doesn’t say how long a single lap is, this [ Zwift Insider article ​] states that for a lap to count, the activity shouldn’t be shorter than 5 kilometers.”
I’m someone who likes clarity when possible so don’t think this is a great answer but > 10km, 6.21 miles will have to do. Since I’m halfway to “Unemploed” guess I’ll just keep going. Ride on y’all.

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It’s any 5KM. I literally did it as a test, hence that article above.

Just so you’re aware when you get there, the badge is no longer ‘Unemployed’. It has been changed to ‘Working From Home’. :wink:

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