"Addicted" achievement

I spent the last 7 days working for the “Addicted” achievement.  I did ride number 7 last night, but no new achievement badge on my board!  I thought I rode a full lap each day.  Is there a minimum number of miles that you need to ride for it to count?  This is my new “White Whale”.  When I try again I want to make sure I get it right!!!

Nevermind.  If I looked a little further down I would  have seen the answer.  My bad!


Where is the answer?

10 miles?

I don’t know where you’re seeing the answer either. Same thing happened to me. I rode 15.2, 18.2, 26.1, 21.1, 24.2, 26.2 and 16.2 miles the last 7 days Jan. 9-15.


…That’s the best I can give you.  I think the post that had the original answer is gone.

Turns out it takes a day or so to show up.

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