Lap Achievement

This post was closed by Jason K without answering the actual question (the linked post also did not contain the answer). 

So, to re-ask the question up at the top of the posts so that everyone can see it:

What constitutes a lap for the 3/7/14 days in a row Achievement?

  • Is it only the route that corresponds with the ‘Overall’ segment/leaderboard?

  • Is it any route selectable from the ‘Start’ screen?

  • Is it any lap where you can cross the start/finish line twice, without doing a U-turn?

  • Is it supposed to remain a mystery, so that we Zwift ever harder in search of the mysterious and elusive Achievements?

Hoping for some clarity,

Yeah I would like to know what constitutes a lap as well. I’d like to knock off this achievement and on my rest days I want to get on to Zwift and do the least amount of cycling to do a lap.

I listed this as a concern in my feature request as well:


I think it would be much easier if achivements such as this one has progression bar below it 0/14,  5/14 etc so you would know when you did the lap. 

Craig, did you ever figure this out?  Or can anyone help with this? I’m a sucker for the achievements, so the 14 days in a row thing has been alluding me. I thought I had it, but I didn’t get it so I messed up somewhere in the last 14 days - ugh. I read one thread on FB that made it sound like it was just minimum miles - but I don’t think that is it. Let me know - thanks!

No, I have never figured it out. I don’t know why it’s so hard for Zwift to answer, even if it’s just to say, “We’re not going to answer that”. Somebody must know, but apparently nobody cares.

Howie, what was your method? Do you have a guess at what kind of ride scuttled your attempt?

Craig, I found this on a thread from March, 2016:

"…let me explain how it works. 

In order to get these achievements you need to do at least one lap of any route on Watopia (Figure 8, Hilly roads, Flat roads) in any direction. On Richmond course it has to be at least equivalent distance to Hilly road on Watopia. 

The achievements will unlock following day (not after you’ve just done it)"

I looked it up and the Hilly Roads looks like the shortest at 5.7 miles. 

I had read something similar on FB and the person mentioned that they thought you had to do a minimum of like 5 miles or something, so I thought I’d do 6 miles each day to be safe. But what happened that I think messed me up is that without thinking of the whole loop thing specifically, to do something new, I selected The Pretzel on Watopia yesterday just to explore and I did over 6 miles. But I didn’t do a loop - doh!  So I need to stick to actual loops and on days that are not Watopia to do at least 5.7 miles in a loop and I think that’ll get me there. 

Well, that’s looks fairly conclusive. Thanks Howie!

You’re welcome!  Also looking at planning the 100k & 100m achievements!  :stuck_out_tongue:

I plan to do the 100k and the volcano 25 laps at the same time this winter. Just have to find a large enough time block that lines up with an appropriate spot in my training plan!

Craig - same. Though I don’t have much of a training plan currently. My training plan is just ride for right now - lol (I did do a group ride workout this morning though). Will hopefully fulfill the Volcano 25 laps & 100K sometime within the next couple of weeks with time off I’m getting around the holidays. Actually I may shoot for next Tuesday. Good way to work off the Christmas goodies! 


Craig - just FYI, today I hit the 14 day achievement!  I must have calculated my starting date wrong. So it ended up counting the other day when I did The Pretzel on Watopia, even though I only did 6 miles and didn’t do the whole loop!  I bet they have it set for a loop or hitting at least a minimum like 5.7 miles or something. 

It’s a minimum of 10km every day for 14 days. I recall someone from Zwift saying this some time ago on Facebook.