Volcano circuit lap counter and achievements not working

Hello all, so I’ve been trying to get the Unemployed badge (ride a lap 14 days in a row) using the volcano circuit. I’ve gotten the Habitual badge (3 days in a row) so far, going for Addicted now.

Since yesterday I noticed the lap counter (at the start of the Volcano circuit) didn’t count each lap that I rode. I tried cycling 4 laps yesterday just to be sure but nope still doesn’t work (whereas before it did).

I’m wondering if there’s anything I’m doing incorrectly? Concerned because I’m afraid Zwift didn’t register my laps and I’d have to restart to get Unemployed badge.

Try taking a picture each lap. Are you sure you are doing a full lap each time?

Yes I noticed this as well. Wanted to do the lap 5-10-25 badge and the counter does not work so your not credited with the laps.

Hi Zee_Kryder, I did do 4 full laps with zero deviations, stopping, disconnections or any interruptions/irregularities I can think of. Nonetheless the lap counter didn’t register any of the 4 laps.

What’s puzzling is up till Saturday things were fine, that is the counter was counting. It wasn’t like I changed anything at all, except for my socks and bibs.

In any case I will try to ride a few laps today, it would be my 7th day. Let’s see if it’s a case of counter being faulty but laps still registered (because it did record my timings on my personal record board), vs. if laps simply aren’t registered at all.

Will update once I get a chance to!

Well I just did another 2 full laps and nope counter does not work. I wonder if all laps’ counters don’t work or just Volcano circuit?

In any case I’ll have to restart Unemployed badge. Bummer

I don’t think it’s a lap thing for the Unemployed achievement anymore, I think its just a distance. Actually when I got it in December 2018 I was awarded it as soon as I logged on for the 14th day.

If it goes by the old rules the lap would need to be the Hilly route, but I know for a fact that is not required anymore.

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Had the same issue today, did 10 laps (43km) and the counter always showed zero

Yep, volcano circuit lap counter still not working. I wonder if everybody else is facing the same problem or it’s just a bugging out for a few of us. Seems like I’m the only one posting about this issue.

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Same is happening to me. I’m currently 30 mins into a four hour ride. Was going for the 25 badge. Should have four laps on the counter by now. Not happy

I just did a little more than 11 laps of Volcano Circuit, never saw a lap counter, was not awarded Hot Head badge. Submitted Support Ticket.

No, me to. I did 26 laps to try and get the badge, noticed the counter wasn’t changing but had to hope the game was counting the laps (my lap times were being recorded and contributing to the live timing graphic). Did one extra just in case but no badge for my 3 hours. Contacted support, they got back to me saying they’re aware of a problem and are trying to fix it. Guess I’ll have to try again some day.

Same problem here. I did 26 laps too last Saturday and had 0 on the counter…

I double checked today on Macbook Pro running latest Zwift. Lap counter is indeed broken.

Has anyone submitted a support ticket about this? Although support staff is usually pretty good at keeping an eye on the forums, I don’t think they have commented in this thread to say they are looking into it. A support ticket would get their attention.

Same here to i did 10 laps nothing happends

I did eight laps as part of Stage 2, and the counter counted backwards from 8 to 0. Then I did two more laps, and it stayed at 0. I received neither the 5 lap nor the 10 lap badge. :cry:

Counter works for events only right now. Stops working when event ends.

Did 11.5 laps yesterday with no stops or deviations. Didn’t realize that there was supposed to be a counter. I now know what it looks like and it wasn’t there. Did not receive the 5 or 10 lap badges. Kind of a bummer but oh well, I’ll just have to ride it again when they get it fixed. And after all, I’m on Zwift to ride anyway.

On another note, just noticed that the spell checker here on the forum doesn’t recognize “Zwift” as a word. Funny!

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Did last week few laps Volcano Circuit, with goal to ramp upto 25 laps for the 100km and volcano challenges to unlock. After every lap: counter stays on 0. On the fourth lap I gave up. Maybe worth investigating: this was done on a Apple TV 4K with latest Apple TVOS 12.2, and latest Zwift version for Apple TV.
Earlier attempts where counting worked was done on an Apple iPad with iOS 12.2.

Did another attempt at Volcano Circuit. Did 10 Laps and the lap counter worked. Took photo as I finished my 10th lap. However, I was not awarded the Hot Head badge. I submitted my info to Zwift support and was informed that there is, indeed, a problem that they are working on.

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