Volcano Circuit achievements not showing

Yesterday, On May 27th, I rode 102 miles in one session. At the beginning of that ride I rode the Volcano circuit over 25 laps. However, I didn’t receive any of the achievements, not even the 5 lap achievement. I even saw the lap counter in the volcano go past 25 and I did an extra lap just to be safe… I got the 100km achievement during that portion of the ride as well.

If you look at my activity you can see the replay of my route on the map and count that I ride more than 25 laps around volcano circuit.

Honestly, this was the whole point of my ride yesterday, to get those achievements. What do you need from me? Can you see my achievements on your server? Do you need me to send you something? If so, how? I can let you remote connect to my computer to check things out. I can even facetime/screen share with you so you can see what I’m seeing.

I’m still new to Zwift but I can say that I’m addicted and have loved it, even getting others to join… until this potential issue. Honestly, if left unresolved this issue would take the wind out of my sails. I wouldn’t want to Zwift anymore… I really hope this is resolvable.

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Paul, that thread is about the counter not working. The counter worked for me. However, the achievement never triggered.

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If you read the entire thread it is about the counter not working (which seems to be resolved) and the achievement not being awarded.

today i did 26 laps (to be sure :slight_smile: ) of the volcano circuit, the counter worked but I didn’t received the achievement.

I can confirm, I rode 26 laps as well and didn’t get the reward. A bit of a pity…

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i will try it again:sunglasses:

Same hear - 34 laps as a fundraiser and no achievement. Gutted…

Shortly after this I completely stopped using Zwift.