Zwift achievements not working

I just rode a lap of the volcano loop 3 consecutive days and i didn’t get the 3 days in a row achievement even though the laps have recorded my time from the past 3 days. Is there a known issue with this or with using to volcano loop to try and get this achievement?

Two guesses:

  1. The award is visible only after starting your next ride in Zwift.


  1. The volcano loop is not long enough to count as a lap for the “ride a lap every day for three days” award. I’ve never seen a definition from Zwift for what constitutes a lap for the purpose of this achievement. The award originally referred to the one and only lap in the game, which is now the hilly route in Watopia.

or something else

Thanks steve, i’ve actually figured it out. what they define as “a lap” is actually 10km - so it equates to riding 10km per day.