Lap Achievement

Just curious about what constitutes a lap these days for the 3/7/14 day lap achievements? Is the original Watopia lap the only one that is considered?
Thank you.

It was the original Hilly Route (which is what the original one was) but I believe any of them should work these days. Are you not seeing that?

From a technical point of view, what is a “lap”, which banners must you pass under? The “London Loop” doesn’t including the sprint banner, the “London 8” does - are both of these selectable routes laps?

Good questions. Hope we get some answers soon.

My question is if the “Classique” Route in London (5.4km/3.3mi) qualifies as a lap?

If not, why not? (ie. is it because the mileage is less than Hilly Route, or because the lap needs to end at the starting banner).

Thanks in advance!!!

Also Richmond? Is it mandatory to drive the full lap, or will it count as a lap if one drives on the flats for lets say 30 km? Curious because I have driven now 14 days in a row, min 20 km/ride and no achievement yet…

Yep, I got the achievement even I didn’t do “lap” on every day. Don’t know what really counts as a lap but it is not real lap.

So to clarify, a lap would only be the orange jersey loops? Meaning hilly route, london loop and richmond full? Does it count if we do them in reverse?

At least I got the achievement without doing a single full lap in Richmond. Just drove circle around the flat section. Cant say anything about reverse driving. I guess it would count also… Any details from Zwift-people?

+1 for this. I’m about to commence this challenge but, as above, I am unclear about what constitutes a “lap”. 

Also curious on details here. I wouldn’t think that this should be hard to answer.

I would like to earn these achievements too, but on days when I’m going to have a hammerfest outdoor group ride, I only want to do a quick easy spin on Zwift, so would like to know what my options are to do this and still get the achievement.


Can we please have an answer to this? Almost 11 months since it was opened and you can’t be bothered to answer a simple question? Getting close to cancelling my account due to unreliability and poor responses to customer questions.

The route that corresponds with the overall lap segment for each course is indicated in our courses and routes article.

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