30 Day PR Stats


Since the low level expansion of the Watopia circuit I have noticed that my Overal and Sprint times are not being recorded in the system. My actual sprint time is included in the current listing correctly but never recorded in my 30 day PR record.

The overall time for the low level lap is not recorded at all, neither in the current stats or 30 Day PR.  There is no estimated time for completion of the lap either.

I’m sure this is just a teething issue with the expansion and will probably be fixed in the next update.




I’ve got the same issue for at least some of the stats e.g. I think my historical sprint times are shown. But the time for a single lap is never shown. 

Noticed it on the flat course; don’t know if it’s happening on the hills course and/or Richmond.

Hi Dana,

You’re right.  I checked again today and the Sprint times are correct.  It’s just the Overall circuit times that are missing.  There is no record inserted for Actual times on the day or for our 30 day PR.

There is a small bug in the sprint times in that the flat course sprint times are stored separate to the Hilly course sprint times, even though they are the same piece of track.





Hi there!

There are few things to keep in mind when viewing leaderboards. Even though the ‘flat’ sprint and the ‘hilly’ sprint are on the same section of course, they are taken in different directions. We have two sets of jerseys and leaderboards, one for either direction on the course. When you are riding, the leaderboards display the times for that direction’s segments. This is no different than the regular/reverse segments from before the expansion, and is not a bug.

As far as the overall lap, you should also keep in mind that the lap is restricted to the original Watopia circuit. If you take one of the new expansion paths while riding, or execute a u-turn, you will not see a result on the overall lap leaderboards when you pass the orange arch, on either your 30 day PRs or the live results. 

I hope that all makes sense! Cheers!