No lap-time recorded

(Phil Lam - ODZ (C)) #1

On my last two outings on the Richmond course, my overall lap time is not showing up. In other words, when I finish a lap, I see the list of 30 day PRs, but my times from the last two Richmond rides are not appearing in the list. This happened on today’s ride (2/12) and last week’s ride (2/7). Help!

(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hi Phil -

We are aware of the bug with lap timers since the last update, and our developers are working to track the issue down and get a fix out as soon as possible!

Thank you for your patience!


(malcolm may (WCC) C) #3

So its 3 weeks later and we are all still showing patience. I haven’t seen a lap time for months, yet someone is getting them. Which course do I have to pick to get a time?

(Lindsay Ruppert) #4

Hi Malcolm-

For Watopia, you want to ride the hilly route to qualify for the lap in either direction, and on Richmond you should select the 2015 UCI route option. If you select a different path at the intersections, or turn around on Watopia, your time is disqualified. 

If you have your course set correctly and you still aren’t seeing the lap timer when you think you should be, please open a support ticket and attach your most recent ride’so log file so we can get to the bottom of the issue. 

Hope this helped! Ride on!


(malcolm may (WCC) C) #5


(Jim Cooper) #6

Is the lap time suppose to work on the flat course or just the hilly route? As I have never seen a lap time for my rides displayed.





(malcolm may (WCC) C) #7

from my experience it only shows on a few 'official laps". But on strava many have created the course, so you can check when you finish the ride.