Lap results not showing on leaderboard

Just rode 3 laps, hills, reverse Watopia and my overall results never showed up on the leaderboards when it popped up; and I never got the timing popup.  KOMs and Sprints were fine.  Also, my PR results that *are* on the leaderboard seem to be missing several times…

Unfortunately I have been having the same issue. At times doing several laps you only get timings on 1 or 2 laps, other times on none. I tend get get the lead board showing just not my time.

Got this problem on both Watopia and Richmond.

Did any of you experience disconnects during your rides where the rider list on the right disappeared?  Sometimes that seems to be the culprit.  Other times, when my segment times aren’t being recorded on the leaderboards, my ETA will not be showing and if I click another rider then back to me, the ETA shows and my segment times are now eligible for the leaderboards.

Yes i experienced this with my DSL modem.  I changed it for a cable modem (much more stable) and no more disconnection!

Yes, i have both the rider list and all avatars dissapear sometimes, but that seems unrlated to the leaderboard issue. I use cable modem.

Riders disappearing is definitely an internet outage issue

Ever since they changed both Watopia and Richmond to add the different course options the lap leader board and timer hasn’t worked. The sprints and the KOMs are fine. 

Happened again on Richmond. First UCI Worlds lap - no leaderboard or timer. Second lap it was there

Any updates on this? My leaderboards still do not work

Hello , I had this issue on London tonght - 3 laps of the London Loop and times not appearing on the leaderboard. And I should have got the jersey on the 3rd lap so was very miffed!

Can we have an explanation for this please or do I need to start another thread?