Not getting lap times.

I am lapping, and seeing the leaderboard come up, but my time never registers. I pick a flat ride, or a figure 8 and it shows previous rider boards, yet no lap time comes up for me. 

Hi Mal. There’s no lap timer unless you do the original watopia loop, which excludes the underwater tunnel/dirt segment.  

Ok, I guess none of us are getting times then, yet we’re all being teased by data appearing unecessarily.

Thanks for the response. 

I wish they would add lap times for each of the possible loops around the island.  I want to be able to race my prior pace not just on the original course.  

Could not doing the “original lap” be there reason my Consecutive Day Achievement didn’t unlock??


I did flat loop this weekend… :frowning:

Hmm… I have the 7 day achievement a week ago, but missed the 14 day one. For sure even for the 7 day achievement, I have done at least one flat course ride such as the one with LTD.

@ Jon Mayfield - When I ride flat lap I see other riders times. For example I may see 16:21 on my Garmin and similar lap times appear as I am approaching the end of a lap, but as soon as I go under the banner I do not get a lap time display on Zwift. Why am I seeing other riders lap times even though you say I must ride a complete lap?

Please don’t show lap times of other riders if my time is not being tracked as well. It’s a frustrating tease