Flat course lap time recorded

At the moment you only get a lap time if you do the default lap.

If like me, i like to do a flat course, you don’t get a lap time

Why not?

If you upload to Strava you can see your lap time on there.

Not the point. You should get it in Zwift

Historical reasons. I don’t know how long you’ve been on Zwift but for a long time the ‘hilly’ lap was the only course on Zwift and so the lap and lap jersey was set up for that. The flat course was added at the turn of the year and because the Epic KOM was planned then I guess they decided not to have a new jersey in there. 

But I agree having a ‘flat lap’ jersey would be excellent.

I am also sorely missing a lap time for all the loops possible, No jerseys needed, just the ability to see my laptimes (and try to better them).- Also when I don’t ride the original route