Personal Lap Times - more interesting than session leaderboard.

(David Nicholson) #1

Hey Guys,

One thing I would really like to see in the app is a live list of my lap times within a session.
The current ‘Leaderboard’ display of lap times (and segment times) is not really that useful or informative for me.

Whilst comparing my times with other riders currently on-line is mildly interesting, I am much more interested in how I am performing against myself rather than against others. Are my lap times getting longer or shorter? Am I staying fairly consistent?

I’ve mocked up an example of what I would like to see…

Would really welcome other Betas Users thoughts.

If you can’t see the image then here is a list of the things that I think would be useful…

Prominent display of last lap time
Show times of last x Laps (up to 10?)
Highlight fastest lap of session in Green
Show difference between session PB for all laps
Show bar-fill of difference between lap and session PB
Show personal all-time PB
Display for 45secs after end of lap
Toggle on/off at any time with ‘L’ Key

Maybe a variant that shows avg w/kg per lap instead of times?

I know I can ‘sort-of’ get this info from Strava but it would be really useful (and engaging and therefore retentive) if it was available as I was riding 'round the Island.

Cheers guys, more feedback to come :wink:

(John Scott) #2

I like both. But agreed.

(Craig Pate) #3

My first thought is great…I like the data feedback too. But as a non-programmer, wouldn’t this be lots of number crunching behind the scenes, needing much more power to give fairly instant and accurate data? I think Zwift will ultimately determine if this is going to be a true training platform or a place to hang out and ride. If its the former, I’d expect the subscription to be much more.

(David Nicholson) #4

Craig, also as a non programmer (but as a Producer of video games) it should not be too much of a power drain. The app already knows all of your times/powers and the client (your computer rather than their server) can do all of your calculations for you - compared with all of the other things is has to work out to display the island these calculations will be insignificant.

I agree - very interesting to see if Zwift becomes a real training aid or simply a social space for riders. I am hoping (and confident) that it can become both - and all for just $10 per month (the same as Trainer Road)…

(Brian Cheung) #5

A simple lap board for the current session showing completed laps, current elapsed time, Δ to the last lap and/or to the fastest lap.

It would even be simple to break the lap into three sectors (these are assuming counter clockwise direction): Orange arch to KoM arch; KoM arch to sprint arch; sprint arch to orange arch.

(David Nicholson) #6

Great comments guys - thanks.

I really like the idea of breaking the lap into three sectors - for simplicity, Zwift could just colour code them, maybe with a line painted on the road too.

Until we get some classification (age/weight/level etc.) then I can only realistically compete against myself - that’s why I want those stats.

Riding against some 70kg whippet is no fun for a ‘fat-bloke-at-the-back’ like me - and the ability to fake your weight just adds to the uncertainty - so I want to know if I am getting better/quicker/more consistent.

I don’t think (at this point) I really mind if that is lap time or power output but only seeing my last lap and fastest lap (in the mini-leaderboard) is not really enough. For me.

I know I can get the info post-session from Strava but it’s difficult (impossible?) to identify lap order from Strava AND, more importantly, I want it real-time as I am riding.