My own/friends PB's on screen indication?


not sure if this is the correct place to post?

Apologies - I may be missing something, but when I look at the times on screen I cant seem to view any of the times set by my friends on my follow list? Its great to see the world bests but to be honest I am never going to get anywhere near these times so they are not that useful to me.

Therefore can I switch the view to see just my times and my followed friends?

In the same way can I switch the blue countdown timer for a segment to show against my best time? Rather than a random person?

Just to add - I see others have requested in the past to see an onscreen representation of their best times (ghost rider). This would be amazing. Especially -expanding on this theme - If I could pick friends ghosts to pace myself to improve my times/effort.




Having the times if your friends is an excellent idea. It also needs to be more than 30 days - 90 days at least.

Thanks for reply Mark - I take it this means I can’t do this within zwift at the moment? It seemed a strange omission given alll the data is already there and you have the ability to follow people like you would in say Strava.


No it’s just current live (previous 1 hour for everyone) and 30 days PR for yourself.

In general a lot of people are quite frustrated that very basic things like this are still not included in Zwift.

Thanks again Mark, I also seemed to have wrongly assumed that this was the forum to get feedback from the admin but they seem to pick and choose which to reply to. Others after this have had a response. :frowning:

Cheers though!