Show my PR rather than the CR on segments

(Ryan Langton) #1

By Segments I mean the Zwift defined segments such as Box Hill.  Currently when you begin a “segment” it shows the current course record in a large red box.  These CR’s are far out of reach for most of the user’s and as such not a great “carrot” to chase.  I would like to see something else taking up this space, such as my 30 day PR.  I know this shows below the red box but it should instead be the primary focus.  Just swapping these 2 items (PR in large red box, CR below in smaller text) would be a big improvement.  It can cycle through my efforts as it does now with other riders… PR, 2nd Best effort, 3rd Best effort… etc.

As a bonus+ improvement, it would be nice to see people in our friends list show up in this box if we like, people in our current group.  These options could all be configurable by user so people could decide what they want to see here (All CR’s, just my times, all friends, etc).

(John Damore) #2


(David Savaria) #3


(Travis Thomas) #4


(Joe Galego ODZ (D)) #5

Yes please

(Dan Swatman) #6

no like the CR’s

(🚴🏼‍♂️ Greying Cyclist) #7

One vote for me as well.

(David Riggans ZHR (E)) #8

Great idea! I haven’t beaten those time since the early days of Zwift when we had 60-70 riders at any one time. Plus, those times are often controlled by those with questionable ethics. I really only care what my times and my friends’ times are anyhow! Please give serious consideration to this change!

(DJ Radcliffe [Pro-Vision] KISS (D)) #9

Good idea!

(Cath Erine (KoS)) #10


(Kent Lee) #11

I’d rather have this as an option 

(Derek Claussen (DMOS)) #12


Great idea!

(Oliver Krüger (D) ZRG) #13


Great Idea

May be changed by Options in the Settings?

(Herbie Anderton) #14

This is a really good idea.  Perhaps something like the Garmin Live Strava Segments functionality where you can choose which target time is shown - own PR, next best time on the leader board or the KOM.

(Marc Nielsen) #15

Great idea.  Even would like to see that display keep showing in some smaller form somewhere on the screen - it only shows at the start and as you get close to the finish. 

(William Kabelac) #16

It is now July 2018 - was this feature implemented and I just haven’t found it?