Segment display on Alp Du Zwift could be better

Surely we can do a little better. If I’m trying to beat my previous PR for the segment this isn’t really helping. Can’t see how I’m doing vs the PR on a second by second basis. Can’t see, by extrapolating my current performance, what my projected segment time is. Once I’m done, I have no idea whether I’ve set a new PR. Also the weird chart thing is showing me what??


Yup. The personal best info should be your average power for that segment OR better still your previous best average w/kg. As the segment gives you current LIVE power average it’s easy to compare.

I would also like to see the distance for that segment counting down. At the moment I need to try remember what the segment distance is before it starts, note the elapsed distance at the top of the screen, and then figure out what the total will be at the end of the segment. Not the end of the world to do, but a distance countdown would just be a nice addition.


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YEP! any idea what the graph is supposed to show? Would have been cool to show your profile of power or speed and then could maybe overlay your current effort!

Exactly. They need to keep all the “static” data from the PR visible on screen and then show whatever “current” stats they can with projections to the end of the segment. 3 sets of fields. Doesnt really take more than a couple of minutes to work out what would be best. Dont know whether they thought about it that much – which is a shame. I usually dont see this screen because i do structured workouts. Climbing that hill was great, however i was 1 minute behind 60min to the top (@ FTP for a hour) and maybe could have pushed more if id seen how closely i was tracking!. Oh and the last segment isnt included s a segment for some stupid reason!

This hash is also their third attempt at a useful info screen. still terrible. hoping to get the much requested PR ghost rider at some point. also i think this is last 30 days pr maybe and not absolute, what ever it is its almost useless.


Would be nice to get a number after completing a sector with the time difference to the PR (green if I was faster, red when slower).

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It isn’t rocket science is it!

Just annoying as it’s a really good motivator, just need the right stats. I guess as they’re all official Strava segments these days you can do the same thing from your Garmin. I must try…

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Has anyone worked out what the line graph thing is representing? I can’t figure it out…


.well… It was strange to me also those chart lines etc…
In the beginning I thought that the line represents “two sides”: one is my PR side - the best time of this segment and the other is my actual ride side. Thus, when I’m faster on the PR the left side of the line will be lower than the actual side and vise versa. With this logic, when I’m riding the same time as PR the line should be straight.
…But during one of the rides the strange behavior of the chart was really static, so for the moment I think it is some sort of decorations that should entertain the boring riders during their long climbs )))

Agree as well. The segment list for Alpe is about as bad as the map is for any ride…kind of worthless.