30 day PR only shows current ride

Since the resent update I have noticed that in all other worlds except Watopia my 30 day PR info for Sprints and QOMs is missing for all but the current ride. So if I ride the Aquaduct QOM in France on Tuesday and then again on Thursday, when 30 day data comes up it only shows number from the current Thursday ride, nothing from any previous rides including the Tuesday.

The problem seems to occur in France, Innsbruck, and New York for sure. Haven’t been in London lately.


I rode France a couple of times this week and my previous day’s times appeared in the ‘records’ for sprints and hill climbs.


Are you riding by yourself or in events? In events you only see PRs from the current event itself, for whatever reason.

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I think that is the same case for meetups, you only see results for the current ride.

Thanks Anna,
I am doing group rides. But I see PRs in Watopia during group rides but not in other worlds. Is that normal?

If you are setting a new PR on Thursday, then the Tuesday data will be gone. I believe it only keeps historical data for the current ride, so if you do 3 laps with a sprint section it will only show the 3 laps from the current ride. Old data is not displayed to my recollection.

However, if you are saying that the first time though a segment you aren’t seeing your most recent PR (assuming it has been less than 30 days and not in an event/meetup), then that is strange.