7-day-in-a-row achievement possible with 9km ride?

Hi everyone.
I have now ridden 7 days in a row. I am wondering whether to go for the 14 days.
I read somewhere that you need to do at least 10km. Unfortunately I now see that one ride in the middle of my week (Sunday) was just 9km… It was an official Zwift Group ride for the Power Up tour, and I did a warmup before and a little cool down later. But the event itself is only listed as 9km. I saved that day because 2d later I rode 100km…


You think it is worth going on to get the 14 days or will it definitely not work?

I thought it had to include one of the official loop laps within your ride, not just any random distance ride

Well, it is.
I made 2 laps on the Duchesse Harrogate circuit.

That is why I ask. Feels stupid to not get the “7-day-achievement” badge because of an official Zwift event of 2 laps that is too short to count…
All non-Zwift events and free rides I did were longer :slight_smile:

I am sure it it is all about distance, I recall the 10km mentioned somewhere.

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For me the topic can now be closed, but for others it would be great to know for sure whats on…

I logged in just now and got the achievement, so apparently my „9km“ official events on 2 loops counts.
So maybe it is EITHER 10km OR a full lap of any official route.

OR I was lucky, and the minimum requirement is exactly the length of the Wattopia hilly loop (9.2km??) and I made it by accident on the 2 loops of Ducesse…

IF anyone can clarify with certainty, I am happy :slight_smile: