14 Day Achievement Credit

I had ridden 16 days in a row (Feb 13th - 28th), but haven’t received the achievement yet after a week of completion. It took me 9 days to get the 7 day achievement so that’s why I went to 16 to be safe. Zwift site shows all activities. I don’t really want to make a huge deal of this, but it is the last achievement I need, plus being a somewhat new Dad, my wife was kind enough to work with me to get all these days in a row in, so I’m not sure i’ll be able to talk her into letting me do it again. :slight_smile: Thanks!


I just finished my 14th day (22 Feb to 6 March) and haven’t seen any indication. Some of the days even though I rode 50’+, a full lap wasn’t completed because the randomness of the turns. Does that matter?

i have done this twice now with out it unlocking

Hi John, 

Congratulations becoming a father and this achievement is totally a big deal and don’t worry you will get what you’ve earned, let me explain how it works. 

In order to get these achievements you need to do at least one lap of any route on Watopia (Figure 8, Hilly roads, Flat roads) in any direction. On Richmond course it has to be at least equivalent distance to Hilly road on Watopia. 

The achievements will unlock following day (not after you’ve just done it) 

However sometimes they do not get unlocked for some strange unknown reasons to us and we are working on it. If it happens to you please click HERE and submit a ticket. We will check our records and unlock the achievement manually. 

Thank you very much and RIDE ON! 

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Hi and thanks! I did make sure to do at least 1 lap every day. Some days were just barely over a lap, but it was completed. I’ll take your advice and submit a ticket. Thanks for the help!

@ TomH:

Are you sure about the lap needed? I did just some random stuff each day, and got the achievement the 14th day after just riding for maybe 100 mtrs. (I could have done an actual lap each day, but if I did it was accidentilly - in fact I am pretty sure I did not, one of the days I only did a 10 min warming up on Zwift). 

(This was from feb 3th till feb 17th, so it might have changed in the mean time).

ps: in case it wasn’t clear: the achievement worked fine for me…

Hi Bertram, 

That’s strange, it’s not the way it should work. Let me report it right away. Thank you very much for pointing it out. 

Does riding in workout mode count towards the achievement?

They did for the 7 day achievement, so I’d imagine it’s no different for 14 days.