I have hit a couple ‘Achievements’ (Riding a Zwift lap 14 days in a row, giving Ride On’s, etc.) but they have not unlocked on my ‘Achievements’ dashboard…known issue?

I got allmost all unlocked. However, I rode at least one lap 16 days in a row, but this one didn’t appear. My theory is that it is connected to the date change on the island. While riding in European time, most of the time I rode in the morning but two or three times in the evening. For the server possibly I was riding twice a day instead of two days.

But it unlocked all the other achievements including the 7 days.

I had a similar problem with the 10sec at 500W plus achievement.  My power file for yesterday is showing a peak 10sec at 602W, I was over 500W up to 21sec, but still no achievement.


I’ve also now done 15 days in a row without getting the lap a day for 14 days achievement.  If I look at my ride log on Zwift, it shows rides with at least a lap every day from 12/6 to 12/20.  Anybody from Zwift want to comment on this or should I enter it as a bug?

I did notice when I got the 7 day, it didn’t show up until the end of the 8th day.

Today will be day 14 for me.  If I look at the log I can see 13 days with at least 1 hour per day, but the calendar doesn’t have all of the days circled.  I haven’t even gotten the 7 day achievement yet. 

This is apparently a known issue that they are working on and will hopefully be updated soon.  The first part of the linked post asks for people to submit a bug and info.  But reading the “Update” section, sounds like they know the issue and when it is fixed, will automatically go back update people’s achievements.

I saw that they said it’s fixed, but I think that the issue I am having is that the ride calendar isn’t recognizing my rides.  I’ll recheck.

Yep, they still have problems with the retroactive thing.  Also just noticed that was on Tuesday and my achievement still hasn’t shown up, nor has my wifes.  Filling out a ticket now.  Every one of my rides is in my activity feed.

Same here.  Hit 14 days this morning, still don’t have 7.  I’ll open a ticket too.


I faced same problem during today. I rode 14 days in row and I can prove that with my .fit files but no 14 day achievement! Must admit its kind of frustrating. I hope Zwift team respect our effort and we will get our achievements soon :wink:

Welp, I’m at 14 straight days (Jan 12-25 2016).  I have downloaded the files form Zwift and verified in Strava that I did at least one lap on each of those days.

Apparently this is still a bug?

Perhaps it’s related to the rider changing their name for event?  Or perhaps riding on different computers for some of the rides?

I got the message from Zwift that they still working on it. For some people it works for others not. They have to work on the bug but their team mainly focusses on improving Zwift in general, thus, it will take some time. Which I think is ok, it is just an achievment and it is more important to develope the whole thing.

Today I hit 7 days to day as well. No achievement award. I guess it’s still a bug. They’ll get to it eventually. Should I open a ticket?

I’ve been missing my 14 day achievement since early December where I actually ride 15 days in row. After two updates to fix problem with still no unlock I had an email saying_ _if I log in it will retroactively awarded to your account. No such luck. Still not there on my PC or Mac and also my achievement screen shows me at level zero and not 22 ( although the bar when riding does show 22) it also said in the email that I might need to do the 14 in a row again! Is it really that hard to achieve the people who need it ! 

I got the same e-mail and also didn’t get my achievement added.  I’ve actually done the full 14 days twice, once since the first fix.

Doesn’t seem like this should be so hard to fix, but in the scheme things, it is a pretty minor issue.  Improving the overall product is definitely more important.

I agree Eric it’s more annoying then being really important, I’m kind of more worried about my level 0 showing rather than level 22. I now wondering whether to carry on doing another 14 days !

Hi everyone!

First, I want to assure you your level has not been reset. The pause menu has a bug that is preventing it from displaying your level properly, but your points are still accumulating and your totals have not been reset. You can still see your current level and progress to the next on the HUD in the main screen.

As far as those of you who are still not seeing the achievements (and I believe I’ve already had responses on some of your tickets), there may have been other issues with your activity data that is preventing the unlock. We will address these on an individual basis in your tickets. 

Thank you again for your patience, we’re working as hard as we can to get this issue properly squashed.

For others still seeing this, last night after getting the e-mail that it is fixed, I logged on and still didn’t see the achievement.  Just now I tried it again and actually started a ride, and it showed up, along with 50 bonus points.

So give it another try and actually start a ride.  

Thanks for replying Lindsay. Sounds good. As for now I will keep riding on 

I missed the chance to take a screenshot of an achievement as it flashed up on my screen (only the 7-days in a row, addict in my case), is there any way to trick Zwift into re-showing the message on screen?