RIDE A LAP 7 days in the row

Bonsoir !!

Cela fait 7 jours que je roule et toujours pas de déblocage ( addicted ) pourquoi ???

Merci !!


Good evening !! It’s been 7 days since I rolled and still no release (addicted) why ??? Thank you !

Bonsoir Claude, :slight_smile:

So it’s been 7 days since you’ve finished the “ride a lap for 7 days” achievement and you still didn’t get it? 

Oui c’est exactement ça cela fait 7 jours d’affilé que je roule dans Zwift, et je n’ai pas reçu l’achèvement ! ?? merci de me dire pourquoi ??

Yes it is exactly that makes 7 days in a row I roll in Zwift, and I have not received the completion! ??
thank you to tell me why ??

I had the same problem; submitted a ticket with my .fit files. Hope it will be resolved soon!

Hi all, 

The achievement should show up the following day after completing the challenge. That means you should have it by now Claude. Can you confirm please? 

Thank you

Good evening, it’s now nine days I ride on Zwift and I still have to release (addicted)
Thank you for your reply
Claude sportingly

Hi Claude,

Ok it looks like there is an issue. Please click HERE and submit a ticket and include your ‘‘fit’’ file and ‘‘log’’ file and we will get it sorted for you. But please bare in mind we only have one person how can dealing with these issues so it might take a while but we can promise it will happen. 

Do you know where you can find the files? 

Does it matter which lap you drive for example vulcano little lap