workout not updating totals and achievements

Hi, new to swift. 4th ride done but my progress has not been added to my totals and i cannot get new unlocks etc (carbon wheels!). the ride is showing in my history tho so I’m hoping its a glitch. Anyone else experience this? 

same here, I’m doing the lap a day in a row achievement and my ride is not showing up, if I don’t get the activity registered I would have lost all the previous days cause they have to be uninterrupted, I hope they can recover the missing activities somehow.

Update - Users are able to log in and ride, but jerseys, nameplates, flags and profiles are not loading. 
Mar 18, 16:37 UTC

my data appears to have saved and it has registered the fact i rode for 3 days BUT has not awarded me XP points or badges for achievements. Im guessing it will all unravel itself at some point and work out fine. Hope Zwift are using the price increase to sort these glitches out, 300,000 users isnt that many really and shouldnt crash a system!

I believe it’s all sorted now.