Volcano Circut Achievements

Anyone know if the achievements bug (no reward) for the volcano circuit challenges has been fixed.

I cant see the bug flagged in the known issues section.

Not keen on attempting the challenge again until I know the issue has been fixed.

Hi Blane,

As far as I know, there’s no fix for that just yet, but hopefully soon. I’d recommend checking the official post for that known issue and I’m sure we’ll update it when the fix is ready. Thanks!

New update message showing this issue has been resolved.

Has anyone tried it yet?


Hey Zwifters - small update this week while we continue to work on some bigger projects. This update includes:

Added July Cycling Mission - which spans July 6th through July 28th
Fixed volcano and jungle lap counters on side of the road, as well as the achievements related to them
Fixed a potential crash in the race results screen that could happen when clicking through the various results pages for each of the groups (A,B,C,D, and E).

Another discussion about this issue had a post saying that it worked

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