Volcano circuit lap counter and achievements not working

Same for me… 25 laps yesterday. Counter worked fine and showed 25 laps. No achievements or badges.

Now on AppleTV 12.3 and latest Zwift update installed last friday. Even now the counter stays frozen on 0. Connections on bluetooth using Compagnion app. All devices approx 1-1.5 mtrs apart. Wlan signal strength about 80% on 5GHz band. Hope some update will be shared soon, as I’m tempting to get 25 laps and 100km badges soon :slight_smile:

Did my warmup at the Volcano Circuit today, did 1 whole lap and the counter worked and showed 1.
Win10 PC with latest Updates

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Thee counter issue seems to be resolved however the achievements/badges are still not being rewarded

Idem for me, I tried twice last week to archieve 10 Laps of Volcano Circuit without any badge reward… :sweat_smile:

On Apple TV 4k system? or on another iOS or windows system? I guess the Apple TV software of Zwift still has this issue unresolved.

On windows system… :-/

I tried also on iPhone and it is even worst, counter is simply not counting !!

Yesterday, On May 27th, I rode 102 miles in one session. At the beginning of that ride I rode the Volcano circuit over 25 laps. However, I didn’t receive any of the achievements, not even the 5 lap achievement. I even saw the lap counter in the volcano go past 25 and I did an extra lap just to be safe… I got the 100km achievement during that portion of the ride as well.

If you look at my activity you can see the replay of my route on the map and count that I ride more than 25 laps around volcano circuit.

Honestly, this was the whole point of my ride yesterday, to get those achievements. What do you need from me? Can you see my achievements on your server? Do you need me to send you something? If so, how? I can let you remote connect to my computer to check things out. I can even facetime/screen share with you so you can see what I’m seeing.

I’m still new to Zwift but I can say that I’m addicted and have loved it, even getting others to join… until this potential issue. Honestly, if left unresolved this issue would take the wind out of my sails. I wouldn’t want to Zwift anymore… I really hope this is resolvable.


Another question is… after they resolve it are they going to force us to do the achievements again… I REALLLLY don’t want to ride the volcano circuit 25+ more times again as it got quite boring … we earned the badges already so I hope they’re automatically applied once they make the fix.


Judging by the number of reported issues going unacknowledged I think it will be a question of if not when they resolve it


Mike, I will shake my fist angrily into the sky until this is resolved… join me in this effort and the Zwift forum gods will hear our call.


If possible, I recommend we update the title of this thread to say: “Volcano circuit lap counter and achievements not working”



Ride On!


Does anyone know if the volcano circuit achievements were fixed with the June update?

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No we don’t know, since Zwift does not post release notes after updates we won’t know if it is fixed until someone try it and post if it work.

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I’ve already got the 5 and 10 lap achievements. I’m not interested in riding 25 laps just to see if it works.

Why not? Do it as a test so we know if it works. LOL


Perfect example of why having Watopia Wayfinders as pseudo administrators is not an acceptable experience on the Zwift Forums.

He meant it as a joke.