Missing Badge - Repost

Hi, Yesterday I completed a free ride of what I thought were 5 uninterrupted laps on Volcano CCW (21.3km total which is greater than the 20.4 minimum; 51 mins nonstop). I wasn’t awarded the ‘warmed up’ badge and curious about why (per Zwift insider article on volcano-circuit-badges, it seems like I should qualify). There was a lead in but time for Volcano CCW but I don’t think laps started counting then. I had 5 different times for Volcano laps – , one warm up lap, 3 laps where I pushed myself (PRs) and one cool down lap. No coffee breaks. I connected to Zwift Companion during the ride I looked at my log. It counted laps starting at 0 then stopped with alot of time left in my ride. I found the photo of my 4th lap and the counter (which I just learned about) only said 3. Just trying to understand how ‘laps’ are counted or if something went wrong. Just curious about it all.

The lap starts at the lap counter. The first time you see it you are just about to start lap 1. You need to pass the lap counter 5 more times for 5 complete laps.

Hi Colin, thank you, makes sense now!
So the first time was really “lap zero”

It’s good to know.