Missing Badge?

Hi, just finished a free ride of 5 uninterrupted laps on Volcano CCW (21.3km total; 51 mins). I had 5 different times for each lap – so by laps, I’m not including teh lead in – , one warm up lap, 3 laps where I pushed myself (PRs) and one cool down lap. No coffee breaks. I wasn’t awarded the ‘warmed up’ badge. I connected to Zwift Companion during the ride (per Zwift insider article on volcano-circuit-badges, it seems like I should qualify). I looked at my log. It counted laps then stopped with alot of time left in my ride.

Also, is there a lap counter in Zwift Desktop app (I’m using Zwift on a Macbook Air and Companion on an iphone 11)? The article above refers to the “counter at the lap banner”. Where is that?